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The Obligatory Bullet Journal Post

I have an admission to make. My brain consists of precisely 0% short-term professional memory. For example, I can remember bizarre things like Active Directory service account names that I last interacted with a decade ago. Or seemingly trivial decisions made in a previous role. But ask me the names of people I met recently, […]


Extortion money

Somebody recently asked me “Don’t we have cyber insurance to pay ransoms?” Technically, yes. I have an issue paying ransoms, by doing so we’re increasing the availability of tools, advancing their sophistication, making the people behind the attacks stronger. This accelerates the pace and effectiveness of attacks. So by paying ransoms, we’re adding to the […]

Goals Mental health

So long, 2020

Going to try and not mention existential climate worries, Brexit, Boris, Trump, populism, mainstream media (subscribe to decent paid news sources!) or reaching 40 🙂 ∞ Try not to judge yourself harshly We’ve all had “a year” of it. And we should all be gentle on ourselves. But I look at the sheer quantity of […]

Cybersecurity Privileged Access

“The Chat”

∞ Let’s be grown-ups about this Just going to call it as I see it. I’m not going to dress this up in palatable language or meticulous business lingo. Life is too short. If you don’t like it, well we’re both grown-ups, you’re more than welcome to engage in a conversation with me here, or […]


Your mothers maiden name

When registering security details with a new account, you might be asked to answer a set of security questions. Think about this for a second. How many places across the internet has this information been posted already? Maybe you’ve registered this information in other sign-up processes, or maybe you’ve inadvertently shared this information on social […]

Cybersecurity Stealthbits

New beginnings

The gregarious introvert Unconventional way to start a post but, I’ve always felt like an odd animal. In my natural state I’m what you might call a ‘gregarious introvert’, if that makes sense? Being an introvert means that I involuntarily hold myself back, and that’s something I’ve spent years trying to reverse engineer. These days, […]


Cybersecurity Privileged Access

Maersk, me & notPetya

Maersk is the world’s largest integrated shipping and container logistics company. I was massively privileged (no pun intended) to be their Identity & Access Management (IAM) Subject Matter Expert (SME), and later IAM Service Owner. Along with tens (if not hundreds) of others, I played a role in the recovery and cybersecurity response to the […]